Deal WhatsApp group /telegram group/whatsapp group link/loot and delas whatsapp group

Deal WhatsApp group /telegram group/whatsapp group link/loot and delas whatsapp group

Hello guys are you Indian!
and searching for a WhatsApp group, for loot, Deals And Tricks.Or are you searching for telegram channel for loot, Deals And Tricks.

Here you find WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, telegram and YouTube channel that can help you to to get updated with all loot and deals, and save your money.

So guys if you are new to our site you can subscribers us, so you never miss any article or any blog from our website.
now let I give you my______________

WhatsApp group link,_____________
 Facebook group link,______________
Instagram group link,______________
Telegram group link and___________
YouTube channel link

So we start with our WhatsApp group link.Before I give you the link let i tell you what we post in our group and how it is beneficial for you.In our group we post. Lowest price product [from different shopping website such as Amazon Flipkart Mantra shopclue etc.]

Rs 1 deal 
free product deal 
earning app 
tips and tricks etc 



WhatsApp group link


[ If this group is full then you can join our Telegram group, and if you are not interested in Telegram group, and want to join in our latest WhatsApp group, then you have to go to our latest post. there I always give the fresh link of WhatsApp group. ]

In today world everyone is using whatsapp even from a child to an old man. Whatsapp play a very important role in human life. What if you get delas and loot in whatsapp group so you never miss any loot deals. If yes this here our whatsapp group which can help you to get latest deals and loots update as soon as possible.  But due to WhatsApp policy we can not add more then 256 member in group.  So we have to make many whatsapp group. May be this group is full in some time or it is already full.  In this case you can join our latest WhatsApp group from our latest post. Check our latest post, there i always give fresh link of whatsapp group.  You can join there as per you requirement. Or you can join us from other platform.



  Telegram group link.

you can join our Telegram group and it is the most active group from all the above group. 
Telegram group is most active because it have a facility of adding 50k member in a single group. So i can update easyly in that. On other side in whatsapp we have to post in many group which is very difficult task for me. Thats why i am suggesting you to join telegram channel.  Here you never miss any update. You can simply click on the above telegram link. If you have telegram app the you directly redirected to our group. And if you dont have telegram app the it will redirecte you to play store.  Then you have to download the app and join telegram with your mobile number. After that come back and again clink on the link then it redirecte you to our group.


 join our Facebook group link help you to get contact with all our member and you can share your product or loot, that you get from our group. 


 actually due to the low member I am not able to share the link in Instagram but you can join and make a big family so in future it will helpful for those who are more active in Instagram. 


In our YouTube channel you get trick video or hacking video and money earning video and many more guys if you are interested in joining in this group, you can directly click on the link and join thanks for reading this article. Enjoy your day and Jai Hind
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