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PUBG Mobile tricks || convert 3X into 15X  :- Hello guys so in today post I will show you how you can convert 3 X into 15 x in pubg mobile this is not a PUBG Mobile trick but it is a Glitch inside the game you can try it in the training section. It is a very simple PUBG Mobile tricks trick in which you have to do nothing you just need to follow these simple steps

how to convert 3x into 15 x in pubg
pubg trick

Requirement for pubg mobile tricks 3x into 15 x

  1. Any assault rifle you can take any assault rifle for example M416, SCAR-L, M16A4, AKM etc.

    how to convert 3x into 15 x in pubg
  2. Then you have to take a sniper you can take any sniper for example mk14, m24, SKS, kar98 and AWM
  3. Then you have to take a quick drop mag of assault rifle don’t pick extended mag.
  4. After that you need 8X scope and 3X scope.

That’s it

You need this equipment for this pubg moble trick

  • one assault rifle
  • 1 Sniper
  • quick draw Mag of assault rifle
  • 8X scope 3x scope

after that you have to follow these below steps

PUBG mobile tricks how to convert 3X to 15X

First of all you have to add 8X into your sniper and remove 3x and quickdraw Mag from assault rifle to beg, don’t throw 3x and quickdraw mag put them into the bag.

After that you have to run in sprint mode and then you have to put 3x and quickdraw Mag into the assault rifle.

how to convert 3x into 15 x in pubg
pubg sprint mode

After that drop The Sniper .(you have to do this while in sprint mode.)

After you Drop The Sniper stop running and go back to your sniper then you have to pick up your sniper and switch to assault rifle.

Now the magic begin or the trick begin now, you have to open the scope in assault rifle and you get surprised that 3x scope  is now converted into 15 x you can compare it with 8X scope.

so hope you understand this trick. This is not a very hard trick you can easily do this trick by following these steps .You can check this trick is working or not in the training mode as it is also working in the game mode but there you find difficulties to find all this equipments as there is a very rare case you find 8X. sometime you did not find sniper etc. So you can easily check this trick in the training mode. Hope you guys like this trick, for more tricks you can join our WhatsApp group or Telegram group there you can find lots of tricks Deals And loot

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