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Friday, April 3, 2020

Arogya Setu Apk Download for android and iOS | Coronavirus Tracking App download link

Arogya Setu Apk Download for android | App download link 

Arogya Setu Apk Download for android | App download link

Arogya Setu Apk Download for android | Coronavirus Tracking App download link:- The Government of India Launched an app to track the Coronavirus. 

For Android       Download
For iOS              Download

 Coronavirus Tracking App

  • The Arogya Setu Apk is Available in android as well as ad iOS devices.
  • And Arogy Setu Apk is available in 11 languages. This is basically a coronavirus tracking app, and provide much important information to you. 
  • In which you have to fill your full information, about your name, where you work, any travel history in past days, 
  • Bluetooth and Gps are used to detect your location and, the app will aleart you by a notification that either you are near to any coronavirus infected person or not.
  • Also, they provide helpline numbers of each state for your help. You can call to your state helpline number in case of an emergency or any other problem. 
  • Also, you get the official information of the ministry of health directly in the app. 
  • You will also, get do's or dont's information about the COVID-19.

According to me, this is a good app, you have to share the app to all your knows so everyone uses the app and get updated with COVID-19.

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