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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Best Online Jobs Without Investment in 2020 (Earn 1500 - 2000/ Day)

Hello, guys in today I am going to share you the best Online jobs without investment, I am also doing some of the online jobs and earning a good amount of money daily and monthly bases. My Daily earning is approximately 5000 +. I do multiple online works and earn lots of money.

It is not possible for you to earn 5000 per day but you can earn a minimum of 500 to 2000 Rs daily If you are passionate about online work and do some hard work.

The online job means you have to listen, anyone, You can work whenever you want, No one gives you order, You can schedule your work as per your choice.

online job without investment

Best Online Jobs Without Investment In 2020 Earn 1500 to 2000 daily 

  • CLICKWORKER ( Earn money by clicking pics)


If you are free at home and searching for online jobs without investment or work, and want to earn while sitting at your home, then This platform is the best option in all the options. It is a trusted platform to earn money online without investing a single buck.
If you are good in any field, then this platform is for you. You can teach people, Laugh them, Make some inspirational videos or some give news, do anything, and earn money if people like your video.
 It is very simple to join the Youtube platform, you just need to register in a youtube account and simply share your videos with the customer. 
Then after reaching a certain level of subscriber and watch time in your video, you can enable your monetization and earn money.  
If you want to know more about, how to make youtube account or how you can earn from Youtube, you can check out the given video. 

Freelance Writing  online jobs

Freelance Writing means providing your service to your clients. It may be anything like poetry, news, Blog article, Image to text writing, coding, etc. 
You can write to your Clients and in return, you will be paid when you submit the work to your client. 
In this job, You are your own owner, and this work does not need any type of investment. You can start this job with 0 balance. 
All you need to do is Seach for Freelance writing websites, make an account on them, and start finding your desire clients. 
Some of the Freelance sites that give you opportunities for writing are 

FIVERR start without investment

Fiverr is one of the best Freelancer sites, If you are good at any work, then Fiver helps you to make a good amount of money from your work.
You will get the project from the Client, and after finishing the project you will be get paid.
You can set any amount for your project. 
Fiverr take 20% of your earning and the rest will be transferred to your account. 
Site link:- Fiverr


If you know coding and Programming language like JAVA, Python, C++, then There is many online jobs for you. 
You can join those jobs without paying single money. 
All you need is a computer and a good internet connection, and you are good to go. 
You can earn a good amount of money by doing coding for your clients. 
You can find coding and Programing jobs on Flexjobs.

BLOGGING ( Online job without registration fee)

If you having knowledge, and writing skills, you can start your blog. you can write on any topic that you are interested in, It may be News, Technology, Programming, Education based, Photography, or anything in which you are an expert. 
This is a super-easy way to earn money after you start gaining traffic from search. 
You can start a blog on Blogger ( google platform) free of cost. 
After you get money from your free blog, you can use some paid methods to increase your traffic and income. 
to know more about Blogging watch the given video.


Affiliate means to sell any type of products, from producer to consumer. And you will get a commotion for each sale.
There are many platform from you can make affiliate income. Such as

Amazon affiliate.

You can sell physical products from Amazon to the customers, you will be paid monthly by amazon for your successful sale.
( If you want to save money from online shopping, and want deals loots and tricks, then you can join our Whatsapp or telegram channel.) 

Flipkart affiliate 

Same as amazon you can sell their product and get commotion form from each sale.
 ( If you want to save money from online shopping, and want deals loots and tricks, then you can join our Whatsapp or telegram channel.) 


In Clickbank, you can sell courses, recipes, and many other category of products. and you will be paid for each sale. The per sale commission in Clickbank is the highest, you can earn up to $100 from a single sale. 

Website hosting

Website hosting is used to run a website. If you sell hosting get a good amount of money for each sale. you will be paid monthly. 

CLICKWORKER ( Earn money by clicking pics)

If you are a photographer, or you can click a good photo. Then you can sell it and make money form that photo. 
Clickworker is the Platform where you can sell your photo to the customer. 
You can even use your phone to click the pic and shoot video, high-end camera not necessary. 
It is the best and easy way to earn money online without investment.  
site link:-  clickworker


If you having teaching skills, then you can join as an online tutor, you can teach students online and get monthly income. 
There is no investment in an Online tutor job, You can join online without paying a single rupee. 
There is a good scope in an online tutor. 
You can check  or for online job tutor 

Earn Money Online Without Investment By Typing

earn money online without investment by typing

Copy & Paste

copy paste jobsYou can earn just by copy and paste method. This is a super easy work to do while sitting at home without any investment. But you need Good English Knowledge to understand the project. 

Micro Jobs

micro jobsThere are dozens of micro data entry jobs in the market. You can earn extra earning form these micro-jobs. You can earn up to 14000 per month with simple tasks. You can search on google on more about online micro-jobs. 

Survey Forms

online survey formYou can earn survey forms to earn a good amount of money. There you have to fill the online forms, that is provided by different Survey sites. You will give the feedback for the particular product, that help the company to improve the product for their customer. 

Basic Typing Job

Typing JobIn typing a job, you have to type the project into a Spreadsheet or word document. The client will give you a pic and you have to write it into a word document or spreadsheet. There you did not need any type os special skill. IF you have a computer then it is well and good. you can even use your mobile device for typing jobs. (Earn Money Online Without Investment By Typing)

Form Filling

Form Filling jobYou can find one google about form filling sites or jobs. There you find many jobs related to form filling. In which you to fill simple forms with the given information you sometimes you have to fill the form by yourself. In return, you will pe paid. This not recommended by me. 

Image to Text

Content Writing jobIn Image to Text job, you have to write the text in the word file or spreadsheet. The client give you a picture or a magazine and you have to write read the word in the picture and then you have to type it into the word document. 

Daily Payment Online Jobs Without Investment

Filed Agent

Filed Agent is one of the best Daily Payment Online Jobs Without Investment. You have to click photos and shoot videos using your smartphone, and send it to them. You can earn a good amount of money using a Filed agent. 

One space Daily Payment Online Jobs Without Investment

One space is the platform where you can earn on a daily bases by completing simple tasks given by the clients. It is a 100% actual earning method. when you finish the work you will be paid within 24 hours. 

Testing Time

It is a Testing site In which you have to test some products and websites and give a valuable Review about that product or website. This program is fully designed to improve the services of the companies. There are many more options for earning money in this site.

Freelancing (daily payment)

If you have some knowledge about coding, writing, computer skills, Blogging, Social media marketing, etc. then you can earn lots of money while sitting at your home. Fiverr is one of the best options for freelancing sites. 

Fiverr data entry (jobs online daily payment job)

Fiverr is the best way to earn money online on a daily bases without any registration fee or investment.
You get many options to start your work online,
Site link:- Fiverr

Genuine Online Jobs Without Registration Fee

These are some of the best Genuine online jobs without Registration Free. 


youtube png
Youtube is the best platform to show your talent and earn a large amount of money. You have to shoot the video of your choice and then you have to share it into youtube. If people come to your video you will be paid by youtube. for that there are some limitations, that are, you have to reach a certain number of subscribers and watch time on youtube. After that, you can apply for Monetisation.( you can subscribe to us for loot deals and tricks videos.)

Freelance Typing Jobs

You can use fiver for your typing job, you have to create your account on fiver and then you have to make your profile and search for the job. related to your experience. 

Content Writing Jobs

You can contact website owners or bloggers for content writing jobs, you have made content for them and in return, you charge them as much you want. 

Earn Money by Blogging

One of the best and the fast way to earn money is blogging. You have to write an article on which people search. If you get a good amount of traffic from search or any other way, you will be monetizing your website with google absence or you can also do affiliate marketing in your blog and earn thousands of rupees per day. 

I hope you guys now decide, which online jobs without investment is best for you in 2020. 

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